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    Day 13 - Lets talk clients

    Day 13 : Lets talk clients

    I’m busy with a training model to assist agents of Purple Carrot to understand the product better and to increasing their sales. It’s hard to put in numeric order how sales word.

    The first 10 pages was easy. I started off with who we are, what we do and more info on products. Easy info like the composition and the qualities of the different items. Even descriptions on the function of the different items. Like a bangle is a full round item typically worn (not sure where else you would wear it? Perhaps around the neck?) around the wrists.  Earrings – Jewellery for earlobes.. etc..


    Then I got to the how to sell our products…

    Everyone feels that a product should be an easy sell otherwise it’s not worth their while. I had so many agents quitting since Purple Carrot Jewellery doesn’t create the easy income without effort.  Unfortunately the days of catalogue sales and easy orders have passed. People like to feel involved in the buying process. They want options, they want service and they want quality.


    Unfortunately we are living in a world where online sales are the norm. At the click of a button you search your heart’s desire in google and get a full page of websites to visit. Large retailers are all moving to online shopping and thus cutting out the middle man. The smaller entrepreneurs. They offer you different colours and sizes. Courier free of charge to your door since their profit margins are double due to bulk purchasing, which lower their costs.

    This creates a problem for smaller entities in the market that has less variety, but sometimes higher quality. Smaller shops struggle to make ends meet and they have a hard time convincing clients to buy from them.

    This got me thinking.

    I think this question, is where entrepreneurs should spend more of their time.

    How to sell to the client that eventually walks through your door?

    Firstly I assume that you will go to a shop for 3 reasons.

    1. To scout – This is the first step for many buyers. You have a problem, you need a solution so you start looking around.
    2. To compare prices and quality – This step is the second one where you have to establish your credibility and what you have to offer.
    3. The last any final step – Ready to buy, money in hand clients


    As retailers we are so eager to sell that we sometimes forget that all the clients are not necessary buyers. They are all in different stages and we have to respect that.  The biggest mistake you can make, is to force your service onto clients.

    When you walk into a restaurant to look at the menu, you are not necessarily in the mood for whatever is on offer. But looking at the menu will create a referral file in your brain that you go back to. So whenever you are in the mood you will walk in as a client. You cannot force feed them the first time.

    Ive learned that you have 4 different stages that you can categorize your clients in:

    1. Introduction - Clients need to be made aware of your service. This is where advertising comes in. First point of contact is information. At this stage you have a lot of interest but not a lot of commitment
    2. The Sale - Second point of contact should be an introductory offer. The most difficult sale you will ever make is the first one. Statistics prove that your second sale depending on your after care will be 80% easier . So entice your clients with a smaller item that’s an easy sell. Clients will more likely risk smaller amounts on the first buy
    3. Im still here! - Remind them about what you do and keep on sending your promotions. Clients at this stage if they haven’t bought from you, are waiting for the right sale, item or offer.
    4. The returning client - This stage is where you have made your first sale and you continue building relationship with your client. Your odds move up to 95% for a third sale , unless you drop the ball in between.

    Ill have to work around this knowledge when it comes to my sales training. It will take longer than expected but teaching my agents this skill will definitely help them.

    I hope that this will help you as well or at the least get your mind going on how to up your sales.