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Day 14 - Positive Affirmation

Alita Du plessis

Posted on April 10 2020


Have you noticed how things just happen for little ones?

Jeneske believes with her whole heart when she asks for something that it will magically appear out of thin air. And it usually does.

Ive always been a firm believer that your tongue has power. Whatever you preach will manifest. Praying is part of this phenomenon. Saying out loud what you need and how much you want it, will if it’s the right thing come your way. If you preach death and destruction you will get exactly what you are asking for. For non-believers this is called the law of attraction. For Christians it’s God’s will.

This morning I’m sitting thinking that I haven’t really put my mind into asking for anything. I’m satisfied with whatever comes my way and Im passing the time with some self-education and reading. Building puzzles, helping the kids with their school work and some good old housework in-between. So every day is filled with more of the same.

Lists attracts more list and more things to do. I haven’t even started with the garage yet and I’m on day 14.

Today’s read will be a short one. I want you to use your energy to create your moodboard.

Look through some magazines and cut out pictures of your ideals, dreams and goals.

Glitter and glue and make notes.

Where do you want to be? What does the end goal look like for you?

Stick this moodboard on your wall where you can see it first thing when you wake up and let it be the last thing you see when you close your eyes.

Do your affirmations everyday – pray about it or if this is not for you speak it outloud.

Believe that you will achieve and opportunities will come your way.  Have you noticed how when you want something like for instance a new car, You see the colour and model everywhere around you. Talk about babies and the whole world turns into a Baby city.

The same with your dreams. Until you say it out loud you will probably not notice the opportunities that might help you to get there.


Today I will do what Jeneske does. I will believe that I will achieve and receive.. But the effort has to come from me first..

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