Roly Poly Collection

An old time favourite, our gorgeous Roly Poly items are timeless and a must for any wardrobe!

Different sizes available to match your unique style.

Roly Poly Items 12mm
From R 350.00 - R 710.00
Rosegold Roly (Courier included)
R 550.00
R 750.00
Roly Poly Items 10mm
From R 350.00 - R 710.00
Roly Poly Necklace combo
R 1,100.00
Roly Poly Items 6mm
From R 200.00 - R 400.00
Roly Poly Items 8mm
From R 350.00 - R 710.00
Gold Plated Roly Poly 6mm
From R 300.00 - R 400.00

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