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    Day 8- Our own horror movie

    Started my day of by French toasting 2 loafs of bread. As quickly as it came of the pan, it was scoffed down by the inmates.

    They watched horror movies through the night and then “dared” each other to stay awake for breakfast.

    This had me in stitches. Me thinks that they didn’t have the guts to go to bed after all the earie music and scary scenes.

    ( I heard some muffled screaming somewhere between 2-3 this morning. When I ran to the living room I saw all 3 of the boys cuddled up next to each other, covering their heads with a big blanket that they were sharing.)

    Today I want to introduce you to the crew.

    1. Hubby – Herman

    Love of my life. Stubborn and stern but witty as hell. 

    1. Mr #checkmyblokkies – Johan (15)

    He is my 15 year sporty spice. Abs and come to bed blue eyes to die for. He has an Instagram following of 4000 .Im scared that his phone might spontaneously combust with the number of girls that tag him with flame emojis. He is my great dane puppy. Tall and handsome but oh so gullible and innocent

    1. My middle child – Alita jnr (12)

    She is my arty farty one. Gorgeous brown eyes.  Gracious dancer with long flowing brown hair paired with big brown eyes. Loyal to a fault with the softest heart. She is the most loving person I know. She loves painting and post Tiktok dancing videos. I have decided that she is on lockdown until she is 30. COVID-19 or not.

    1. My Nalatige lammetjie – Jeneske (7)

    Long blond, hair drama queen. One big ball of energy. She is the strongest person I know. She is resilient, pig headed and doesn’t take no for an answer. She is wise beyond her years and loves learning. Her language skills are mind blowing. She is a type 1 diabetic.

    1. Lulu and Wors –(15)

    These 2 are my adopted children. They have been sleeping over since they were 6 year old. We call them the 3 musketeers for a reason.


    Funny fact. Wors shares his birthday with Alita and Lulu shares his with Johan.


    Wors keeps us laughing with his impersonations and wit. He has the most insane dance moves and funny comebacks on any topic. He helps around the house and cheerleads everyone in doing their part.


    Lulu the gentleman, spends his time with doing brainy activities. He loves his rap music and isn’t ashamed to build puzzle or do homework out of his own free will.  He keeps Jeneske entertained when he sees that she is on thin ice. He is strategic and the planner between the 3 of them.



    The lockdown has been going smoothly up till now. No big fights or too many screaming matches. I think that Herman’s plan of getting entertainment in-house paid off.



    All my  days flow into one. In all honestly I have to make sure what day we are on, every morning. My to do list is getting longer and longer and the will power less and less.

    We all have our own crew at home. Start identifying their personality trades, work on our weaknesses . Use it as part of the entertainment . Help each other to become stronger by building each other’s confidence.

    I think that we are all sitting at home with our blankets over our heads. Hoping that this scary time will pass. Hoping that what we see around us, is only a movie. In Italy and US people are dying by the second. In other parts of the world they are not even testing.

    Nevertheless none of us can go to sleep. We are awaiting the scenes in the world news to become our reality.

    We are scared to think the unthinkable. Perhaps going there will manifest into real danger.

    We are watching the victim numbers creeping upwards slowly but surely. Comparing them with other countries. Talking about conspiracy theories and coming up with some of our own.

    We are living our own Horror movie. One where the murderer is sneaking around outside with an invisible cloak. He can attack at any moment because he can be anyone or anything.  I wish we could see the danger and identify the source by just looking at it.

    It’s also true that after darkness the sun will shine again. Guaranteed. That is how the universe works.

    But until then…

    I dare you to stay awake until the sun shines again. Stay strong and tell me more about your crew in the comment section below J