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    Day 6 - April Fool!

    This morning at 6am,  I woke up thinking how fantastic it will be if all of this was just an April fool’s joke. Whoever planned this really did it next level and should would a Nobel prize or something. I mean getting the whole world to work together and even fooling Skynews and CNN..  Well you can dream, right..


    In my morning ritual of enjoying my strong cuppa whilst sitting on my porch.. 


    Ok PICTURE THIS!!! Walking outside to the porch I realised that it’s cold this morning. Its drizzling with an icy wind stripteasing through the tree branches.I quickly went inside to fetch a jacket.

    Problem : Remember I told you about the boxes in the garage? Well they are still there. With my winter clothes somewhere packed away in the unmarked boxes. This is Karma, “duiwel se blinde sambok” .Looking back now, I should have made time for that specific chore.

    The only thing resembling heat is my Superwoman XXXL Onezie. It’s in dazzling pink and definitely come straight off the Paris (Freestate) runway  . This was a Valentine’s gift from Herman the hubby.

    We have an agreement not to spend large amounts on Valentine’s day, but rather to buy the most goofy and funny gifts that one can find.

    This year he got a cheezy red cup with hearts, Big red heart balloon and a pen with a fluffy red heart at the end of the pen with a light that lights up when you write. On the side of the pen it states that “you light up my life”. I got my Superwoman disguise. (not really what I had in mind if I ever have to wear a costume to save the world)

    So wearing my pink onesie I had my strong cuppa whilst sitting on my porch. Im on the second floor so I have a view over a few houses. We have been wondering whether our neighbours can see us as well. Well this morning It was confirmed.. They do. Our corner neighbour (with the alarm that barks like a dog and goes of anytime of night ) was taking out his trash when he looked up, saw me and waved. OMW!!!!

    There I was in my pink outfit with the hoodie part covering my head waving like an idiot to a man that is not supposed to see me in my pajamas.  He smiled….

    I couldn’t get inside quick enough. I was hot and flustered and not in a good way.

    It is then that the stroke of genius hit me..  The teenagers were up until 3am this morning watching Pet cemetery. My middle one , Lita doesn’t do well with no sleep. She is irritated and a little bit dof like there is a light on, but no one at home after a long night of watching movies.

    I sneaked downstairs – The first few wooden steps joyfully announced my approach. I tiptoed the rest of the way.

    I opened her door with a load bang shaking her shouting : “ Sussie…. Sussie…. You are late for school!!!!”


    She woke up.. dof… “ Do we have to go to school?”

    “The lockdown is over. They sent a message saying school is open today.”

    She jumped out, ran to her cupboard. Grabbing her uniform..

    “APRIL FOOL!!!!!!!”

    The cat escaped through the door probably thinking that Armageddon has arrived.

    That didn’t go down as well as I thought it would. Although I was rolling around on the floor, laughing my hoodie off.  I canned myself .. I almost wet myself. It was the most fun I had all week.

    Lita turned around. Gave me the death stare. Went back to bed and told me to not hurt myself when I closed the door.


    Im still giggling whilst typing this. I love my family! We raise our kids with humour. We try to keep laughter in the house. Its my life mission to always see the funny side of all situations. Bad things happen to good people and without this coping meganism, I will not survive the bad things.

    Chin up. Try to find the funny side in any situation.  I know the humour will not strike you in the moment, but after a couple of days  you will see at least one component that will make you smile.. If you look hard enough.