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    COVID Revelations

    Wow! We can’t believe that we find ourselves in the middle of the year! And what a rollercoaster it has been! It feels like eons ago that we all took the leap to stay home and stay safe. It tested us in all ways imaginable. Even though we were locked up, we had time to reconnect and spend time together with our families. Yes, changes are part of being human. Wearing masks to the supermarket and having all types of sanitiser spritzed on our hands everywhere we go . This crisis has shaken us awake. It has inspired us! Making us realise the value of life and how precious time with loved ones is.

    Now, during lockdown level three, we are so privileged to be able to open our online shop!  We feel honoured to bring households our beloved products across the country once again! It felt like an all new grand opening of sorts. We felt so honoured to be part of Father’s Day and every other special occasion during this time. Where we could spread appreciation, joy, and create special memories with you!

    We have come to appreciate every single person in our Purple Carrot family even more. We are thankful for being able to support our agents who play a huge role in spreading the joy with us. And, of course, being part of the lives of our extended Purple Carrot family, YOU. We want to take the time to thank every single person who has supported us on this trying new journey.

    The office is bustling with life, but also very empty. Some of us are working from home. Other members of our office family are recovering at home from this virus that has hit our beloved country without much warning. But we push through and persevere to provide our Purple Carrot customers with the best quality and care in these demanding times.

    Here at our headquarters, we are embarking on an exciting new adventure of growth and reinvention to bring you, our loyal customers, a new and exciting shopping experience. With fresh ideas, old favourites and, of course, consistency - even during these difficult times.

    Have you seen our new packaging yet? If you have, you are part of the first steps to an all new adventure for Purple Carrot!

    We are working hard behind the scenes with an all new look and feel, taking our brand to the next level!

    Watch this space!

    Because everyone deserves a Purple Carrot