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    Day 3 – Puzzling this thing out on a Sunday

    We are what we eat… So I guess that makes me a Fritatta for today.

    Realizing that my stockpile is not going to last as long as I planned on, I reverted to bulk cooking. Sautéed some onions, scrambled 20 eggs, mushrooms, baking powder and ham , dumped it in the electrical frying pan and closed the lid on it. The finished product was topped with grated cheese and some paprika.

    Sliced it in squares and served it with some toast. The parsley garnish on top was frowned upon and was abruptly removed by the inmates. (Lesson learnt)

    For today we are going to Netflix and chill and some puzzle building in between, depending on if I can drum up some help from the inmates.

    Made popcorn by using Blossom margarine instead of oil  - LOVED this.. Just a word of advice don’t use another brand it burns and they don’t pop that well.

    Started with a soppy Afrikaans movie followed by a skop skiet and slaan movie (to keep the boys happy).  Started with the puzzle.

    After puzzle time I let them run wild outside.

    Late lunch or early dinner will consist of Oven baked chickens, rice and vegetables.  Whilst waiting for the chicken to cook I sat down with my coffee and read another chapter of my book – I am my brand by Kubi Springer.

    In the first chapter you have to complete an assignment of writing down a list of why you cannot do what you want to achieve. This shouldn’t take a minute. I thought...

    I enthusiastically started my list with  - 1. Time , 2. Resources , 3. . . . .

    This got me thinking. All of us have an idea. Mine is to share the wisdom that I’ve accumulated in the past 15 years in business. I made the mistakes, paid dearly for them and got the Tshirts together with a framed certificate from the school of life. I feel that I can help others achieve their goals with guidance and advice. My next thought was that Time is surely not an issue now and chatting and writing doesn’t cost a cent. So what is holding me back?

    The only think holding me back is fear. Fear of failure, fear of not being good enough and the fear of making mistakes. Hold on… So actually I’m standing in the way of achieving my goals.

    NOT money, time, people or places.. ME… Me and me alone.

    So what if I make mistakes.. There are plenty of lessons still to learn. So what if it’s not going to be the total success that I dreamed of? Every time you start over, it is with even more knowledge and experience so your chances to fail less. And lastly, where I am now in life, is someone else’s goal.

    In the 90 min sitting waiting for some chicken to cook, I moved much closed to my goal than what I’ve managed to do in the past year.

    I took the decision to stop patronizing myself. I need to start listening to my inner voice and act on my gut.

    At this stage my gut told me that hunger was setting in, so I quickly finished up.

    I will circle back to this part of my to do list a little later when my head is clear and I don’t have 5 monsters asking all sorts of questions demanding some grub.

    We finished of the night around a table, a puzzle and some Afrikaans music in the back ground.  Snotkop, Fkof Polisiekar and some weird dude that sings about  a Gucci dress. My culture knowledge expanded severely, my head spinning from the lyrics. Some things cannot be unseen and boy oh boy, Afrikaans music videos shows a lot.

    When I switched of my light and lied down my head was still echoing Souserig… lekker lekker lekker souserig… I sighed and smiled.. How blessed am I to have shared these silly moments with my kids tonight. My youngest dancing and strutting her stuff, my middle child that put aside all her issues, sharing time with her older brother and my 2 adopted children for this 21 days sitting around the table looking for pieces to complete the puzzle.

    I realize that I am a puzzle myself. I am a mother, an entrepreneur , a boss, a wife, a friend and enemy to some. Not one of them define me, but put it all together it creates ME.  Im proudly unique and a work in progress. I have a lot to learn and a lot to teach. As of now… I am content.