Day 1 : Lockdown begins

Alita Du plessis

Posted on March 28 2020

Telling the kids that we will be staying safe in our own home  for the next 21 days didn’t make the Impact that I thought it would. They looked at me strangely figuring that mom lost her marbles.

I have my own 3 and two tjommies extra.  Hubby decided that arranging live entertainment for them will work out much cheaper than psychological treatment for us after the lockdown. Boy oh boy. Do you know how much teenagers eat? We go through 3.5l milk and 3 bread loafs a day. We are considering adding a cow to the family. At least she will pay in milk to be kept safe.

Luckily I was one of the weird ones that bought 20kg flour, rice and macaroni a couple of weeks ago when the school closed. I still have to go to the shops every third day for the

Movie time, popcorn and a lekker braai is on our planner for the day

I Placed an order with takealot for a couple of boardgames last week, they cancelled the delivery last moment. So hey… “Diere, dorpe, name” will have to do the trick together with good old gold fish.

 I took the time to write down everything that I plan on doing during the lockdown. Will probably find out that I have been postponing doing them not due to lack of time but lack of will .. BUT never the less im going to give it a try.

I had to call in the Purple Carrot staff earlier this week to give them the news that we are definitely not on the essential list of permitted goods that will trade during this time.  Although I beg to differ..

(Do you know how many male life’s we can save by delivering a parcel to wifey? I’m sure after 10 days in lockdown together , she will reconsider the marriage and start thinking about creative ways on how to end the misery. Not by means of divorce but surely a painful death.  We offer engraved necklaces with the couple’s picture and a message of love on the back. This might stimulate her forgiving nature?)

We called all our local clients, told them to come and fetch their orders, shipped out the rest and then closed shop.

It was an eerie feeling turning around and looking at the assembly line with empty chairs, tools neatly stacked and a fan looking sad in the corner.

Our admin office was quiet. NO chatter, laughter or puns flying through the air. Our engraving part was without the zzzzt of machines scraping off metal creating and engraving words of encouragement, love and commitment on jewellery pieces that will be kept as treasures by the receivers.

The kettle didn’t sing, the fridge didn’t humm and there wasn’t the normal patter of footsteps.

When I closed and locked the door I felt like the last breath that escapes the body just after death comes to , release you from this world.

Outside I looked at the building and felt a sense of relieve. This is not the end. It is not going anywhere. It is staying where is it is , for us to come back to. Waiting , hoping that this virus affecting everything and everyone around us will end soon.

We will be picking up the tools , to once more inspire and please our loyal customers.

Meanwhile our designer will keep on processing and designing orders from home. All that is needed , is to come back , putting them in for assembly at the different departments and shipping them out.

But for now, be inspired by what we offer. We don’t sell necklaces, keychains and rings. We sell memories.

We sell the moment your mother looks into your eyes after opening her bag and seeing a bracelet engraved with each and every child and grandchild . The adorable feeling of being loved and thought of.

We sell forgiveness. (When you have made a huge or small,  depending on what side of the coin you are holding) Give her or him a token of your humble apology. A keychain with a reminder like “You met my mother before you met me, so this is on you” You were warned..

And lastly we sell faith. A cross with faith hope and love around your neck to remind you why we are on this earth. We are here to create, inspire, love and live.

Be safe, stay inside and may you keep your good spirit.


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  • Loraine Kaisesr: March 31, 2020

    Haha – jy maak my lag en ek kan myself sien in jou situasie – ek gedink hier kom 2nd honeymoon vir my ek Karl maar Angelica (nog te nuut in Nelspuit) het besluit ma – hulle se huis is beter – so ek weer nie of dit die spasie is of die kos nie, maar ek kan noggal relate – wie sou kon dink mense soek breakfast – lunch en supper om nie te praat van die snax tussendeur nie – rol gaan ons verseker rol – en natuurlik is die liefde ook op lock down so oproepie na oom Karl toe met hy sal help in en om die huis het toe ons verseker om nog body of eetmasjien by te kry. Ek gaan moet opstock op dishwashing liquid want nie gedink om dalk papier borde te stock nie, gelukkig bly my hander skoon :-).
    Maar dit is verseker lekker om die kids tog hier te hê waar ons hulle kan veilig hou…………….Micayla aan die anderkant laat my hart elke keer saamtrek en wil soms net in trane uitbars as ek sien hoe Amerika se syfers klim en stuur kort kort gebedjie op vir n veilige hand oor almal – Amerika wil mos altyd bigger en better weer – seriously.

    Soos jy het ek ook lysie wat gedoen moet word – eers kantoor werk klaar maak en dan is dit tyd om boekie te bou – te hoor hoe gaan dit met al die kliente en bietjie of facebook te speel, Ideale tyd om jouself reg te kry vir die groot come back – dink tog mense sal wardeer om te hoor of hulle okay is ipv net koop en verkoop.

    Gedink ek gaan die tyd gebruik vir dieet maar sien dit gaan ook nie werk nie alles wat ek sien die wil ek eet – so of ek moet maker dra in die huis om my mond toe te hou of slot kombinasie op die yskas sit.

    Sterkte vir almal wat bevoorreg is om van die huis te kan werk en wat data het om bietjie die awesome produkte te kan promote terwyl ons tyd het, mag ons almal normaal hieruit kom en bid dat dit ons geleer het uit ander lande se foute. Ek bly net waar ek is maar is net n whatsapp of oproepie weg.

    Sien uit om van al die ander girls ook te hoor

  • Rene Grobler: March 30, 2020

    Jy is ’n super awesome mens… Hier het jy my in ’n gegiggel en tranerig, in less than 2 seconds! Ek dink dis superfantasties dat jy jou woorde neerpen. Jy het voorwaardelik die talent om so iets aan te pak… You go girl! Trots op jou…

    PS: Gee asb vir daai monstertjie van my ’n vet druk en soen!

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