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    How to take care of your Purple Carrot Jewelry

    Stainless steel is a hypoallergenic metal that keeps color well. We do however encourage you to still handle your item with care as this will prolong the life of your items.

    • Gold plated jewelry can be susceptible to wearing or fading with constant use so it is necessary to protect the plated items by following our  care instructions below.
    • Keep your Purple Carrot jewelry in a Zip bag when not wearing them.
    • Clean - use a soft cloth (microfiber works great) to remove any oily residues from fingerprints and polish your items.
    • Jewelry will build up a residue due to sweat and handling, wash on a regular bases after wearing.
    • Use any liquid soap that doesn't contain harsh chemicals - we have our own cleaning product available for purchase as well.
    • It is advisable to remove all your jewelry before applying any lotions or beauty products to avoid getting these products.
    • Do not overfill your locket with charms. 
    • Your locket should close easily. 
    • We encourage you to change your lockets with your mood or occasion, but please be careful if the door is forced it will break the glass.
    • Floating charms are very small and can be a choking hazard please keep away from infants and toddlers.
    • Please take this into consideration when ordering floating lockets and charms for a child.
    • Floating lockets are made of glass and are fragile, they can cut. 
    • Glass plates and can break if dropped they are not air or water tight and are not suitable for ashes, sand, liquids, etc.
    • Our products are made of metal and as with all metal products it will tarnish over a period time.
    • Avoid water - glass lockets are not waterproofed and should not get wet. Charms will discolor if exposed to water. Please remove prior to showering or entering any body of water.