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    Guaranteed Delivery for Gauteng Clients if ordered and paid before close of business Friday 10 June 2022. Guaranteed delivery before Fathersday for the rest of the country if ordered and paid on or before 8 June 2022

    Drive Safe Keychain from R 120.00
    Brushed stainless steel Knife from R 130.00 R 170.00
    Baby Memory R 150.00 R 200.00
    Cutout Bracelet from R 120.00
    Fishermans Keychain R 200.00 R 250.00
    Cable Bracelet R 200.00 R 250.00
    R100 Keychain R 100.00 R 150.00
    Cuff Links R 250.00
    Dogtag Heart Set from R 300.00
    Puzzle piece set from R 300.00
    Dogtag necklace from R 200.00
    Stainless Knife 2 sizes from R 250.00 R 300.00